The Mason Jar Coldp​ring Cafe Bar & Grill

Conveniently located in the middle of no where !!!

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When you visit The Mason Jar, you're in for a treat. Experience a variety of Salads, Wraps, Sandwiches, Shrimp..Great Appetizers scrumptious specials of the day or any of our other mouthwatering dishes. Our chefs are renowned for their creative combinations of spices and sauces.

Enjoy our outdoor patio....Steak Night on the patio Fridays !

Our warm and charming atmosphere will instantly relax you while our attentive staff spoils you. Weekly menu specials offer unique flavors and pairings. You may also do a little shopping while you wait, with our variety of new, retro & vintage merchandise!!! Or have a drink at our full bar.

The Mason Jar is the perfect destination for your next trip to Coldspring, Texas !!!!

And the Mason Jar desserts are a must

Made fresh daily in a Mason Jar !!!



Gift certificates available.

35 HWY. 1514 Coldspring, Tx.


APPETIZERS.....................$6.00................3 for $15.00

Fried Zucchini, Fried Pickles, Fried Cheese Sticks, Fried Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Loaded Fries


Wings(10)    .                                                         $9.00

Naked, Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, BBQ, Siracha, Mango Habanero.


 Creamy Potato & Cheddar Broccoli

Soup & Salad (cup of soup & house salad)..........$7.00

Soup & Sandwich..................................................$8.00

Chicken Strip Basket

served with cream gravy, garlic toast & fries                                                 8 00

Fried Shrimp Basket

served with fries                                                                                          12.00

Cheeseburger Basket

served with fries                                                                                            9.00

Fried Catfish Basket

served with fries                                                                                            9.00

Steak Finger Basket

Served with fries

Chef Salad

ham, turkey, bacon, tomato,cucumber, onion, egg,avocado                               

cheddar.over spring mix                                                                              8.00

Cranberry Almond Salad

chicken, cranberry, almonds, tomato, cucumber                                         8.00

over spring mix                                                                                    

Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken or spicy Buffalo chicken, tomato, onion, cucumber, egg,avocado cheddar over spring mix.                                                       8.00                                        

Caesar Salad

fresh romaine, parmesan, croutons tossed in a                                          8.00.

creamy caeser dressing                                                                      

Shrimp Salad

grilled shrimp tomato, cucumber,                                                              10.49.

onion,egg,avocado cheddar served over spring mix                                                 

House Salad

tomato, cucumber, onion, cheddar over spring mix                                      4.00.


Turkey Swiss Avocado Sandwich

served with potato salad & chips                                                                   9.00

Club Sandwich

served with fries.                                                                                          9.75


served with fries                                                                                           9.00

Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt

served with fries.                                                                                          9.00

Ham & Mozzarella Melt

served with fries.                                                                                         9.00

Ham & Pear Melt

served with fries.                                                                                        9.00

Fajita Melt

served with fries.                                                                                         9.00

Turkey Swiss Avocado Melt

served with fries.                                                                                        9.00


EVERY FRIDAY 6 pm - 9 pm


12 oz. Ribeye, baked potato, salad!!!

Banana Pudding

served with a mason jar                                                                                4.39

Strawberry Cheesecake

served with a mason jar                                                                                4.39

Oreo Cheesecake

served with a mason jar                                                                                4.39

Butterfinger Cheesecake

served with a mason jar                                                                                4.39

Grilled Chicken Breast

served with 2 sides.                                                                                    14.00

Grilled Shrimp or Shrimp Scampi

served with 2 sides                                                                                     15.00

Grilled Catfish

served with 2 sides.                                                                                    13.00

Tacos Fish or Shrimp

served with 2 sides.                                                                      13.00.....15.00

Hamburger Steak

served with 2 sides                                                                                    13.00

Chicken & Spinach

served with  2 sides.                                                                                   15.00

Chicken Swiss Mushroom

served with  2 sides                                                                                   15.00

Chicken Fried Chicken

served with  2 sides                                                                                    15.00

Chicken Fried Steak

served with 2 sides .                        .                                                           15.00​ beans, mashed potatoes, Broccoli, fried okra, corn, cabbage, onion rings, french fries

choose 2 with entree                                                                                 1.99

Mason Jar Burger

1/2 lb.all beef patty. bacon, fried egg, lettuce,

tomato, onion, pickles, mayo topped with 

American cheese served on a sourdough bun with fries.                           12.00 

Buffalo Chicken Burger

grilled or fried chicken breast tossed in spicy 

buffalo sauce lettuce, tomato, onion, ranch, 

american cheese on a sourdough bun with fries.                                        11.00

House Burger

all beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, 

mayo, mustard, american on a sourdough bun with fries.                            9.00

Patty Melt

all beef patty, thousand island, grilled onions, 

swiss cheese on Texas Toast with fries.                                                      10.00

Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger

all beef patty, bacon, avocado, mayo, lettuce, 

tomato,onion, pickles, american cheese on 

a sourdough bun with fries.                                                                         12.00

Chicken Burger

grilled or fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, 

onion, mayo, swiss on a sourdough bun with fries.                                     10.00

Mushroom Swiss Burger

all beef patty, grilled onions, mushrooms, 

swiss cheese on a sourdough bun with fries.                                              11.00

Mason Jar Meltdown

All beef patty,lettuce, tomato,fried onion rings,siracha sauce, pepper jack & American cheese.                                                                                       12.00

Bacon Cheese Burger

​​All beef patt​y, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, mustard & American         10.00

Turkey Avocado Wrap

Cajun turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mozzarella, ranch                          9.00

Fajita Wrap

grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, 

spicy ranch, sour cream, mozzarella                                                             9.00

Honey BBQ Wrap

grilled chicken, pickles, onions, cheddar, honey bbq sauce                        9.00

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

 chicken, lettuce,tomato, onion, ranch, cheddar spicy buffalo sauce           9.00

Grilled Chicken Wrap

grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, ranch,cheddar                                 9.00

Philly Cheesesteak Wrap

steak, grilled onions & peppers, swiss, mozzarella & American cheese       9.00

Kids Corn Dog

served with fries & drink                                                                                5.00

Kids Chicken Strips

served with fries & drink                                                                                5.00

Kids Grill Cheese

served with fries & drink                                                                                5.00

​Fish Burger​

Fried fillet, lettuce,tomato,onion, tartar sauce & American cheese                             10.00


served with a side salad

served 11am - 3pm

MONDAY ......Chicken Spaghetti

TUESDAY......Meat loaf, mashed potatoes

WEDNESDAY.....Beef Tips & Rice

THURSDAY......Chicken & dumplings

FRIDAY......Baked Chicken Parmesan 



4 - 7pm





naked, mild, medium, hot, extra hot, bbq,

garlic parmesan, honey bbq, mango habanero, teriyaki & siracha